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This is my first book which reflects how powerful writing is. This book is completely free, I only ask if you could kindly leave me a review on here or Amazon.

Write A Book & Motivate Yourself!
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Find Your Inner Voice & Learn How To Start Writing A Book!
It is said that human civilization and culture actually began when we first accomplished how
to write on cave walls. Exchanging messages, conveying ideas, expression emotions… so
many things you can achieve via writing and most of them you haven’t even thought of.
Learning how to write a book is not hard, it just takes commitment and imagination.
The Most Inspirational Books Are Written By People Just Like You!
That’s why reading this book comes as a revelation for most people. It’s a true eye-opener
that will show you exactly how expressing yourself in written form can have a positive effect
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Why Write Your Own Book?
From letting out bottled emotions, to discovering notions that you didn’t even know you had,
writing is by far the most powerful means to make a meaningful and long-lasting change in
your life that many people would call a transformation!

Start Your Book & Tell Your Story!

So, if you’ve ever had any urges to start writing, read this book first, then grab a pen and
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Become The Writer - New Back

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Face Fears.   Travel Far.   Dream Big.

A Single Step – All or Nothing

This is my first novel which will be out soon. The journey I have been on since stepping out from my hometown and Country in June 2013 is completely formidable.

This is the content from the back cover of my first novel, Stepping Out – All or Nothing.

When 29-year-old Max Coltrane decided to get out of the small English town he had lived in all his life, he made sure he did it right.

Buying a one-way ticket to Bangkok and with no real plans of what he was going to do when he got there, Max found that traveling in a foreign land, where speaking the local language wasn’t easy, was just the beginning of an epic adventure.

Through traveling in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, Max faced not only the ubiquitous tourist scams, but also dangerous situations with locals, police corruption, near-stabbings and violence.

But, despite the problems he faced, Max continued with his travels and made his way to Taiwan, where he found that life doesn’t always run smoothly and can throw you a curve ball when you least expect it.

In this true story of his adventure, Max Coltrane doesn’t spare the reader anything, revelling in late night drinking dens in Vietnam, close calls with the Thai mafia and a descent which brought him close to alcoholism.

But, threaded throughout, is a marvellous story of discovery and wonder, of freedom and life experiences, making friends, learning about himself and of new cultures, history and the meaner side of life.


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Face Fears.   Travel Far.   Dream Big.